Thursday, August 12, 2010

Festival Watch: Java Rockin'Land 2010

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! Its here again..

Festival Watch: Java Rockin'Land 


Im so gonna try hard collecting my own money to watch this concert.
cross finger~ xD
Here I am,alone...all my roommates are sleeping. @_@

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bravo bravo...~~ xD's the thing. I just made a blog,finally..fuhhh. I didnt know it was this easy.Thank god..=) Btw, updating a blog is not really my thing. Im freaking lazy and Im not surprised if this blog wouldn't be updated for many weeks,months or years,heh~~  Trust me.this blog will be berulat-ulat one day..haha.

Fyi,this blog wouldn't existed if Im not taking csc subject,seriously..~ xD Our sir,which is Sir Zamri wanted us to do an assignment and assist us to make a  blog and whatever you named it. Adehhhhhhh...~~  Anyways,I like this lecturer soooooo much cos nya sporting abehh!!! hahahha...xD

Ermmm,what else to say ohhh????

Ohhhh,dont forget...Its PUASA!!!!!!! Finally,fasting month is here. and everyone included me is so lazy to attend classes. Whuaaaaaa...='(